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The Earthwise story began more than 50 years ago, long before many had considered the environmental impact of chemical-based consumer products. Earthwise founder and eco-friendly pioneer, Tom Robinson created his first plant-based product in his garden shed in Orini, a small town in Waikato in 1967.

Perfected over decades; Earthwise is now one of New Zealand’s most trusted natural brands, helping clean up life’s little (and not so little) messes. Tom’s values still hold true, offering families gentle, natural alternatives that don’t cost the earth.



Back in the 1960’s, Tom set out to create products that were better for people and kinder to our world. Tom had an appreciation for the simple, more natural things in life. From growing up with a grandmother skilled in the finer arts of essential oils and natural remedies, he set up a business creating plant-based fertilisers. Despite it being a time when Kiwis were actively embracing chemical-laden imported products with little awareness of their potential harm, people slowly began to see the benefits of organic, natural alternatives and demand grew; soon Tom had added household and farm cleaners, personal care products and animal health products to his range.

It was a family affair as Tom and his sons meticulously formulated and tested their products, putting an artisan’s care into each and every one of their creations.